Which Video Games are Anti-Woman?

Gaming is for sheer entertainment but the feminists don’t see it that way. Lately there has been a rise of console games portraying women in a negative way while the men are the glorified heroes of the day. So, which video games are anti-woman in pushing such agendas to the gamers?

Assassin’s Creed 2009
Women are not only background decorations but rewards to male heroes. You won’t miss the scene where the protagonist male tries to save the damsel, from slave traders, by offering a bag of coins in exchange. Sadly the lady is gruesomely knifed across the throat, proving she was just a victim of violence and was worth a back of silver. Oh, you will also pick up the insult ‘Whore’ in several scenes.

Grand Theft Auto
One doesn’t have to read between lines to see the obvious discrimination women face in GTA. Drive through any street and you don’t fail to see lines of hookers looking for the next score. Even worse, the women are hit by men, there are naked strippers in the clubs, cheating wives and loads of stuff that should be rated PG 20. Bottom line, women are sexual objects in the entire game.

Red Dead Redemption
Set in the wild west, the game features lawless cowboys and overpowered helpless women. Running through dusty streets and there are countless scenes of women attempting to be raped or killed for their alleged ‘whorish’ ways. The player has the choice of saving the damsel for a small gain of points or watch the gruesome unravel before them; stabbing the woman to dead or raping them. Enter any bar and there is a woman being fondled by a man in a corner; even the Mexican president helps himself to some of the women in some scenes.

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs screams Domestic Violence left, right and center. Throughout the gaming are repeated scenes of women trying to fight their way out of estranged male partners. The graphics are pretty cruel, depicting the woman cornered by the male one hand clutching the throat while the other repeatedly bashes the woman’s face. As a player, you have a chance to intervene and earn points or just watch the helpless damsel get marred to death then kill the villain later; either way, the women are only their as targets for violence.

Dragon Age Inquisition
Conversations are laced with constant sexual jokes targeting women and insinuations of potential violence on women. But the creme of it all has to be the scene where Iron Bull the chief spanks the female inquisitor whom he grows sexually attracted to. Does she protest? No, she just right onto him and plants an affection kiss. Oh and there are countless sex scenes where the women are bare chested and the men…well meticulously covered.

It’s almost hard to imagine whether there is a scene in the game that doesn’t allude or blatantly display female violence. These scenes are triggered once the players enter different places; like a brothel where the background voice are female screams trying to break away from an abusive male. And yes they show ladies getting smacked, dragged across the floor, raped or killed…all for the love of the game.

So which video games are anti-woman? There seem to be a growing trend of countless scenes where women are either background decoration, sexual objects or helpless victims of violence. Now we get why the gaming world is a target of feminists and you can’t help but wonder whether its about gaming anymore.


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