Upcoming Games We’re Excited About

2015 has been a great year for video gaming, but 2016 looks like it holds a lot to be excited about. Below we’ve compiled a short list of some of the upcoming video games that we’re really excited about.


Using the art style of 1930’s cartoons, Cuphead’s trailer caught eyes at E3 2014, with many left disappointed that they weren’t able to get a hands on experience with the run and gun title. Cup head will allow players to repay a debt to the devil by gunning their way through continuous boss battles, also offering the choice of local co-operative play for those who want to bring a friend in on the fun.

The Last Guardian

Having become quite the story in the modern history of video gaming, many are unsure what to make of the 2016 release date that has been placed on The Last Guardian. This one has been pushed back so many times that it’s been an upcoming video game some people have been excited about for years now. Because I’m one of those people, I’m going to be optimistic and believe that The Last Guardian will be making an appearance on my PS4 in the coming year.

The Uncharted 4

While I’m a fan of the series, I was a little skeptical when Uncharted 4 was announced. The game play has become quite played out now and I would rather Naughty Dog put their talent into a new IP. That being said, the age of Nathan Drake in this one points to it being the last in the saga. New moves, a change in possible game play styles and a revamped multi player will hopefully ensure that the series is going out with a bang.

The Ratchet & Clank (2016)

Not just a remake, but an entire re-imagining of the original game in the series, this one also gets me a little skeptical. I am a huge fan of the Ratchet & Clank series but this one seemed like a cash-in for me, with the upcoming video game being brought out in line with the new film. This was made even worse by the fact the release date was then pushed back to the release date of the film. However, having seen the huge amount of footage released and the interviews with people who are working on it, I can see that they really have been working on this from the ground up, the graphics especially. As one person described it, “Now we know what it would look like to have a video game made by Pixar.”

The Dishonored 2 game

While the first game was released to moderate/good reviews, it was a video game I saw as having a huge amount of potential. The first person stealth mixed brilliantly with the action and the possibility to pick and choose what special powers you upgrade so you can play as you want worked great for me. Now, Dishonored 2 is on its way and hopefully it will live up to the chance for brilliance that was set down by the first game.

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Which Video Games are Anti-Woman?

Gaming is for sheer entertainment but the feminists don’t see it that way. Lately there has been a rise of console games portraying women in a negative way while the men are the glorified heroes of the day. So, which video games are anti-woman in pushing such agendas to the gamers?

Assassin’s Creed 2009
Women are not only background decorations but rewards to male heroes. You won’t miss the scene where the protagonist male tries to save the damsel, from slave traders, by offering a bag of coins in exchange. Sadly the lady is gruesomely knifed across the throat, proving she was just a victim of violence and was worth a back of silver. Oh, you will also pick up the insult ‘Whore’ in several scenes.

Grand Theft Auto
One doesn’t have to read between lines to see the obvious discrimination women face in GTA. Drive through any street and you don’t fail to see lines of hookers looking for the next score. Even worse, the women are hit by men, there are naked strippers in the clubs, cheating wives and loads of stuff that should be rated PG 20. Bottom line, women are sexual objects in the entire game.

Red Dead Redemption
Set in the wild west, the game features lawless cowboys and overpowered helpless women. Running through dusty streets and there are countless scenes of women attempting to be raped or killed for their alleged ‘whorish’ ways. The player has the choice of saving the damsel for a small gain of points or watch the gruesome unravel before them; stabbing the woman to dead or raping them. Enter any bar and there is a woman being fondled by a man in a corner; even the Mexican president helps himself to some of the women in some scenes.

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs screams Domestic Violence left, right and center. Throughout the gaming are repeated scenes of women trying to fight their way out of estranged male partners. The graphics are pretty cruel, depicting the woman cornered by the male one hand clutching the throat while the other repeatedly bashes the woman’s face. As a player, you have a chance to intervene and earn points or just watch the helpless damsel get marred to death then kill the villain later; either way, the women are only their as targets for violence.

Dragon Age Inquisition
Conversations are laced with constant sexual jokes targeting women and insinuations of potential violence on women. But the creme of it all has to be the scene where Iron Bull the chief spanks the female inquisitor whom he grows sexually attracted to. Does she protest? No, she just right onto him and plants an affection kiss. Oh and there are countless sex scenes where the women are bare chested and the men…well meticulously covered.

It’s almost hard to imagine whether there is a scene in the game that doesn’t allude or blatantly display female violence. These scenes are triggered once the players enter different places; like a brothel where the background voice are female screams trying to break away from an abusive male. And yes they show ladies getting smacked, dragged across the floor, raped or killed…all for the love of the game.

So which video games are anti-woman? There seem to be a growing trend of countless scenes where women are either background decoration, sexual objects or helpless victims of violence. Now we get why the gaming world is a target of feminists and you can’t help but wonder whether its about gaming anymore.


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Is LARPing Fun?

LARPing is an acronym that refers to a live-action role-playing game where players physically interact with one another,assuming the roles of characters in the game. As a participant, you will play the established character and act out various scenarios like doing battles or other scenes, based on specified settings. It first gained popularity in the 1970s and can be done in public locations such as parks or even indoors in large halls. The game genres may range from historical, fantasy or even the popular futuristic settings. The games need not be battle-based and can run from a few hours to several days in private or public locations. Most LARP games involve no spectators, with the main focus being on the enjoyment of participants.

Playing the game

In a LARP game, you assume the role of a character and you do your best to depict their actions and behavior. However, it entails more than playing with recreated weapons or wearing costumes. LARPing is more about participation, group collaboration and having great fun. It is a superb way of enjoying the exciting experience of briefly living in a different world. LARPing has games, activities and events for players of different skill levels.

Many LARP games follow the same set of rules as those used by the original non-live-action characters. Various organizations formulate their own games and rules of playing. These rules govern what weapons will be used and what interactions the players are permitted to have.

As a player, you must fully understand the rules prior to participating. Since the games are community-based collaborative efforts, each player must abide by the rules of the game. Even if you disagree with the rules, participants are needed to appreciate that they are there to ensure a fair atmosphere. In a typical LARP game, there are people called marshals who are in charge of ensuring that participants’ are safe and that everyone follows the set rules. In the course of the game you are said to be in-character (referred to as IC), and everything you say is what is supposed to be said by your character. However you may sometimes need to talk to the marshal regarding a particular issue outside of the game. Such a conversation is said to be out-of-character (called OOC). Your attitude in the games will influence how much you enjoy the experience. There are also some LARP games that do not have rules.

Weaponry and costumes play a vital role in LARP games. You may have to spend some money and time to ensure that you realistically replicate the wardrobe and weapons of your character. Many weapons are made using latex and are painted to make them appear authentic. Common weapons include guns, swords, daggers, shields and war hammers. Costumes, including suits of armor, are available for people of all ages. The games may span several eras and themes. The most popular game themes include vampire, zombies, science-fiction, fantasy, werewolf and political.

As a participant, you will concentrate on different elements of a LARP game and you may create and develop your own character. In some games you are allowed to determine your physical attributes, skills, strengths and capabilities. A player must understand the strengths and weaknesses of their character. Each character is required to complete a predetermined quest or story-line.

Since a LARP game is a group activity, it is important to ensure that you commit to play the entire game. The actions of one character are usually intertwined with those of other players. Therefore, leaving in the middle of a game will cause interruptions and difficulties for other participants. Once you sign up for a game, keeping time is also very important so that the organizers’ plans are not derailed. In case you are unable to attend after signing up, you should contact the organizers so that they can modify the game program.

In conclusion, is LARPing fun?

A LARP game is lots of fun. Sometimes you may come out of a game having fully accomplished the goals set for you, in other times you will fall short. Many games are set in such a way that it is impossible for anyone to win throughout. This is because if the chances of failure are minimal, success will not be that sweet. Winning is not the whole point of these games. The fun (and important) part is the creative interaction and dramatic role playing. As a matter of fact, some of the best and most legendary scenes are experienced when a player is losing. How well you play your character and have fun doing it is much more important than who finally fares worse or better than you.

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Best Video Games for Girls

If you’ve always had the perception that gaming is only for boys, you are wrong. There are hardcore girl gamers who love engaging in virtual war, shooting up enemies, and also playing football!

Most of these games have female attributes that make them perfect for girls of all ages.

If your daughter loves video games and you are probably sitting there wondering which one to buy for her, read on to find some of the best video games for girls.

1. Mario Kart

Mario Kart is one of the most popular video games introduced for girls and boys around the 1990s. With its most recognized characters: Mario, Princess, and Luigi, the beloved game was and still is a favorite among boys and girls of all games.

The game generally involves some type of racing and includes a number of players, making it great for several girls to have fun. It has attractive graphics and has more levels to pass.

It’s now available on four separate consoles; Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, GameCube, and Wii, thereby covering almost every gaming system.

2. DANCE DANCE Revolution

Girls love to dance and this game brings the best dancing experience for each one of them. It features a variety of music and has different levels, allowing beginners to start out comfortably. It’s a great interactive dance floor that can make any girl get her groove on.

3. The Sims

Every little girl loves role playing, and The Sims is probably the best interactive game to enhance the passion. Girls can create families and watch each member grow p from birth to old age.

Since it involves virtual role play, the gamer has total control over the characters, including their hobbies, jobs, relationships, and even education.

4. Farmville

Any girl will love this amazing farm virtual reality game that offers great leisure play.

Girls can grow crops or raise domestic animals on a beautiful farm. It’s quite addictive as it requires the user to tender and care for the animals and plants on a real-time schedule. It’s definitely an interactive and wholesome game with lots of fun-filled experience.

5. Minecraft

We all love this brain-racking games, and it’s no wonder that girls do too.

This game opens up a new world of creation for both preteen and teen girls. No expert experience is required as it’s all about puzzle solving and a little creativity.

It’s the ultimate game for girls who love building and exciting escape games.

6. We Cheer

For girls aspiring to become cheerleaders, this is the ultimate game for them. This Wii game allows young girls to practice cheerleading before they attend high school.

For those with experience, it can help them learn some new motions and routines. It’s a game that offers many hours of fun.

7. Words with Friends

For a brain-raking game like this, girls who love writing, reading, or learning something new will definitely love it.

It’s great for perfecting vocabulary and can even be shared with friends for an exciting language learning experience.

8. Peggle

The gamer is required to clear specific pieces and balls off the board before time runs out. Being a puzzle game filled with lots of fun and experience, it’s the ultimate choice for preteen and teen girls since it helps them create better skill and precision.

Considering that most of these games are specially designed for girls of all ages, it’s quite obvious that any girl will love and enjoy the experience and adventure they bring.

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Best Board Games for Girls

Christmas is around the corner and the mad rush for picking up gifts for those special people has set in. Board games are a popular choice, especially for little girls. There is an exciting new range of fun and engaging board games that are designed to entertain and spark the imagination. The best thing about board games is that it provides an opportunity for the whole family to come together and have a great time. Here’s a look at some of the best board games for girls currently available on the market.


Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Castle Game

Disney is a brand that makes a strong connection with children. Little girls simply adore characters like Aurora, Ariel, and the other Disney princesses. This Pop-Up Magic castle game takes your little ones on a fascinating journey with their favorite character to the magnificent castle. You can pick from various characters such as Belle, Snow White, or Ariel and join them on their amazing journey that ends at the enchanted Finish stone. The board game can be connected with other Pop-Up Magic Games to make the journey bigger and more exciting.


Enchanted Forest – Children’s Game

There’s nothing little girls love more than fairy tales. Every fairy tale has some exciting characters that give it life. Children and especially girls simply love stories of their adventures and enchanting deeds. In the Enchanted Forest board game, the player will find artifacts such as the magical beans from the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, the sparkling glass slipper that belongs to Cinderella, or the pivotal spinning wheel from the story of Rumpelstiltskin, all hidden in the Enchanted Forest. The latest version of this hugely popular board game has spanking new graphics, additional fairy tales, and new instructions that make it all the more fun for the entire family.


Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

University Games comes out with a brand new game that is sure to keep your little girl and her friends entertained for hours on end. Players get to act out various bedtime activities such as taking a warm bath, brushing their teeth, or slipping on their pajamas, and put their monkeys on the bed. The bed can shake at any point in time, sending the monkeys falling off the bed. The game is inspired from the popular nursing rhyme and helps your child to work on their counting and reasoning skills while they have fun. It is suitable for players above the age of 3.


Disney Frozen 3 in 1 Activity Game Box

Inspired from the immensely successful movie, this activity game box from Disney contains two games based on the Frozen theme and one puzzle. Your kids will fall in love with this gift since it depicts characters and scenes from the Frozen movie, which girls simply adore. Players are not required to read in order to play the game. It’s amazingly simple, fun, and it also helps to exercise memory and observation skills.


These Best Board Games for Girls are sure to keep your little girl and her gang of friends entertained at birthday parties or sleepovers long after the Christmas vacations.



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