Best Video Games for Girls

If you’ve always had the perception that gaming is only for boys, you are wrong. There are hardcore girl gamers who love engaging in virtual war, shooting up enemies, and also playing football!

Most of these games have female attributes that make them perfect for girls of all ages.

If your daughter loves video games and you are probably sitting there wondering which one to buy for her, read on to find some of the best video games for girls.

1. Mario Kart

Mario Kart is one of the most popular video games introduced for girls and boys around the 1990s. With its most recognized characters: Mario, Princess, and Luigi, the beloved game was and still is a favorite among boys and girls of all games.

The game generally involves some type of racing and includes a number of players, making it great for several girls to have fun. It has attractive graphics and has more levels to pass.

It’s now available on four separate consoles; Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, GameCube, and Wii, thereby covering almost every gaming system.

2. DANCE DANCE Revolution

Girls love to dance and this game brings the best dancing experience for each one of them. It features a variety of music and has different levels, allowing beginners to start out comfortably. It’s a great interactive dance floor that can make any girl get her groove on.

3. The Sims

Every little girl loves role playing, and The Sims is probably the best interactive game to enhance the passion. Girls can create families and watch each member grow p from birth to old age.

Since it involves virtual role play, the gamer has total control over the characters, including their hobbies, jobs, relationships, and even education.

4. Farmville

Any girl will love this amazing farm virtual reality game that offers great leisure play.

Girls can grow crops or raise domestic animals on a beautiful farm. It’s quite addictive as it requires the user to tender and care for the animals and plants on a real-time schedule. It’s definitely an interactive and wholesome game with lots of fun-filled experience.

5. Minecraft

We all love this brain-racking games, and it’s no wonder that girls do too.

This game opens up a new world of creation for both preteen and teen girls. No expert experience is required as it’s all about puzzle solving and a little creativity.

It’s the ultimate game for girls who love building and exciting escape games.

6. We Cheer

For girls aspiring to become cheerleaders, this is the ultimate game for them. This Wii game allows young girls to practice cheerleading before they attend high school.

For those with experience, it can help them learn some new motions and routines. It’s a game that offers many hours of fun.

7. Words with Friends

For a brain-raking game like this, girls who love writing, reading, or learning something new will definitely love it.

It’s great for perfecting vocabulary and can even be shared with friends for an exciting language learning experience.

8. Peggle

The gamer is required to clear specific pieces and balls off the board before time runs out. Being a puzzle game filled with lots of fun and experience, it’s the ultimate choice for preteen and teen girls since it helps them create better skill and precision.

Considering that most of these games are specially designed for girls of all ages, it’s quite obvious that any girl will love and enjoy the experience and adventure they bring.

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