Best Board Games for Girls

Christmas is around the corner and the mad rush for picking up gifts for those special people has set in. Board games are a popular choice, especially for little girls. There is an exciting new range of fun and engaging board games that are designed to entertain and spark the imagination. The best thing about board games is that it provides an opportunity for the whole family to come together and have a great time. Here’s a look at some of the best board games for girls currently available on the market.


Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Castle Game

Disney is a brand that makes a strong connection with children. Little girls simply adore characters like Aurora, Ariel, and the other Disney princesses. This Pop-Up Magic castle game takes your little ones on a fascinating journey with their favorite character to the magnificent castle. You can pick from various characters such as Belle, Snow White, or Ariel and join them on their amazing journey that ends at the enchanted Finish stone. The board game can be connected with other Pop-Up Magic Games to make the journey bigger and more exciting.


Enchanted Forest – Children’s Game

There’s nothing little girls love more than fairy tales. Every fairy tale has some exciting characters that give it life. Children and especially girls simply love stories of their adventures and enchanting deeds. In the Enchanted Forest board game, the player will find artifacts such as the magical beans from the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, the sparkling glass slipper that belongs to Cinderella, or the pivotal spinning wheel from the story of Rumpelstiltskin, all hidden in the Enchanted Forest. The latest version of this hugely popular board game has spanking new graphics, additional fairy tales, and new instructions that make it all the more fun for the entire family.


Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

University Games comes out with a brand new game that is sure to keep your little girl and her friends entertained for hours on end. Players get to act out various bedtime activities such as taking a warm bath, brushing their teeth, or slipping on their pajamas, and put their monkeys on the bed. The bed can shake at any point in time, sending the monkeys falling off the bed. The game is inspired from the popular nursing rhyme and helps your child to work on their counting and reasoning skills while they have fun. It is suitable for players above the age of 3.


Disney Frozen 3 in 1 Activity Game Box

Inspired from the immensely successful movie, this activity game box from Disney contains two games based on the Frozen theme and one puzzle. Your kids will fall in love with this gift since it depicts characters and scenes from the Frozen movie, which girls simply adore. Players are not required to read in order to play the game. It’s amazingly simple, fun, and it also helps to exercise memory and observation skills.


These Best Board Games for Girls are sure to keep your little girl and her gang of friends entertained at birthday parties or sleepovers long after the Christmas vacations.



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