Is LARPing Fun?

LARPing is an acronym that refers to a live-action role-playing game where players physically interact with one another,assuming the roles of characters in the game. As a participant, you will play the established character and act out various scenarios like doing battles or other scenes, based on specified settings. It first gained popularity in the 1970s and can be done in public locations such as parks or even indoors in large halls. The game genres may range from historical, fantasy or even the popular futuristic settings. The games need not be battle-based and can run from a few hours to several days in private or public locations. Most LARP games involve no spectators, with the main focus being on the enjoyment of participants.

Playing the game

In a LARP game, you assume the role of a character and you do your best to depict their actions and behavior. However, it entails more than playing with recreated weapons or wearing costumes. LARPing is more about participation, group collaboration and having great fun. It is a superb way of enjoying the exciting experience of briefly living in a different world. LARPing has games, activities and events for players of different skill levels.

Many LARP games follow the same set of rules as those used by the original non-live-action characters. Various organizations formulate their own games and rules of playing. These rules govern what weapons will be used and what interactions the players are permitted to have.

As a player, you must fully understand the rules prior to participating. Since the games are community-based collaborative efforts, each player must abide by the rules of the game. Even if you disagree with the rules, participants are needed to appreciate that they are there to ensure a fair atmosphere. In a typical LARP game, there are people called marshals who are in charge of ensuring that participants’ are safe and that everyone follows the set rules. In the course of the game you are said to be in-character (referred to as IC), and everything you say is what is supposed to be said by your character. However you may sometimes need to talk to the marshal regarding a particular issue outside of the game. Such a conversation is said to be out-of-character (called OOC). Your attitude in the games will influence how much you enjoy the experience. There are also some LARP games that do not have rules.

Weaponry and costumes play a vital role in LARP games. You may have to spend some money and time to ensure that you realistically replicate the wardrobe and weapons of your character. Many weapons are made using latex and are painted to make them appear authentic. Common weapons include guns, swords, daggers, shields and war hammers. Costumes, including suits of armor, are available for people of all ages. The games may span several eras and themes. The most popular game themes include vampire, zombies, science-fiction, fantasy, werewolf and political.

As a participant, you will concentrate on different elements of a LARP game and you may create and develop your own character. In some games you are allowed to determine your physical attributes, skills, strengths and capabilities. A player must understand the strengths and weaknesses of their character. Each character is required to complete a predetermined quest or story-line.

Since a LARP game is a group activity, it is important to ensure that you commit to play the entire game. The actions of one character are usually intertwined with those of other players. Therefore, leaving in the middle of a game will cause interruptions and difficulties for other participants. Once you sign up for a game, keeping time is also very important so that the organizers’ plans are not derailed. In case you are unable to attend after signing up, you should contact the organizers so that they can modify the game program.

In conclusion, is LARPing fun?

A LARP game is lots of fun. Sometimes you may come out of a game having fully accomplished the goals set for you, in other times you will fall short. Many games are set in such a way that it is impossible for anyone to win throughout. This is because if the chances of failure are minimal, success will not be that sweet. Winning is not the whole point of these games. The fun (and important) part is the creative interaction and dramatic role playing. As a matter of fact, some of the best and most legendary scenes are experienced when a player is losing. How well you play your character and have fun doing it is much more important than who finally fares worse or better than you.

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